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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 11, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> the humanitarian crisis down. the president stopping for barbecue. isn't this just the kind of photo op he says he doesn't like? why didn't he make time to stop at the border. >> the irs explaining under oath how the agency lost lois lerner's e-mails. when we finally get the answers about the tea party targeting scandal. >> the call 911 dispatcher said he would never get. >> 20-year-old infant choking. >> that call to save her own son. "fox & friends" son starts
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right now. ♪ >> friday is here. you made it. good morning. you are watching "fox and fen& first" this morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. we have the news for you. it is one minute after the top of the hour. the u.s. border patrol saying they will stop bringing immigrants to san diego. heated protests in california had nothing to do with the decision. >> this as a backlog of immigrants in texas has reduced allowing them to process more migrants. jay johnson heads to the border today as we could be closer to an immigration bill.
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elizabeth prann is live for us in washington with new information. elizabeth? >> he will travel to new mexico and texas today a day after telling lawmakers the situation does need to be turned around before funds go dry. >> doing nothing is not an option. ice will run out of money in mid august. given the added transportation costs, given the added enforcement costs customs and border patrol will run out of money by mid september. >> we may be getting a better look at compromise on capitol hill. they are not ruling out speedor deportation. the deportation requirement says it was something the white house initially supported. some republicans sadie
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significances need to be made more quickly. >> this is a problem of president's own making. he has been president for five and a half years. when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> we are also hearing from those on the front line. they are critical of any assurance the white house is passing along to the public. >> 70 percent of our border patrol agents have been reassigned, feeding them, transporting them. what that is making a porous border. for the federal government to come out and say our borders are more secure than ever. that's a very naive statement. >> supporters say it's an effective way to curb the rush of young immigrants crossing the border. >> elizabeth prann live from washington. >> a barbecue joint in texas instead of heading to the southern border to see first hand the immigration crisis. rick perry seeing the
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humanitarian crisis up close. he is insisting he is not interested in the photo ops. karl rove isn't buying it. >> that was a stupid moment for the president to say i don't do photo ops. he came to austin, texas. he did a photo op here at the paramount theater at the economy. he did a photo op in dallas with faith based leaders, he did the cool ep -- pool episode in colorado before he ga he is photo oped every single day. the lack of self awareness of this guy is just amazing. >> and sean hannity doing the job the president refuses to do. don't miss an exclusive air and water tour with rick perry in our next half hour. >> will we finally get the truth about the irs targeting scandal? the federal judge ordering an agency to testify under oath
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about lois lerner's lost e-mails. mary anne what does it mean? >> he is giving the agency a 30-day deadline to come forward this after the conservative watchdog judicial watch filed suit talking about how they lost the e-mails and had no way to retrieve them. they claim her computer crashed back in 2011. >> the department of justice, they are part of this let's put it mildly ignoring the issue and covering it up. >> you see this pattern of deception and concealment on the part of lois lerner and the irs consistent. it is absolutely obvious they were not cooperating. they are playing like a game. unless you ask me exactly the right question we are not going to answer. >> judicial watch looking into the doj's lead investigator
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demanding documents how much time she investigated the irs. it was a conflict of interest because of the thousands she e donated to the obama campaign. steve stockman taking the investigation into his own hands file add resolution demanding learner's arrest. she was they would in condemn president of congress in may. stockman saying i expect democrats to defend even praise criminal activity the question is whether republican leadership will join them in mocking the house and breaking the law. another irs hearing on the lost e-mails grass-roots watchdog to ask for a forensic expert to find out how they were lost and if that data can be recovered. >> mare mary anne, thank you. do you think the judge's ruling will get us the answers we have been looking for. live debate at #keep talking.
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88 pounds of uranium from a science lab at mosul university in iraq. residents experts saying the toxins will be used for a dirty bomb to spread the radioactive material calling the materials low grade. some say we still need to be concerned. >> the fact is it still could be used for a dirty bomb. you get uranium and radioactive material you case it in explosives in conventional explosives and the blast will kill people and the impact of the radiation will contaminate an area. >> iraqi officials are pleading to international leaders to then them fight off isis which controls large portions of iraq and syria. >> a search is underway for people missing after a devastating apartment fire in massachusetts. 7 people including three children are dead. the fierce flames forcing residents to jump from windows to escape. >> saw a little girl hanging out of a window. the mom and dad were holding her
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out the window to try to save her from the fire. before that i woke up to her screaming help, help. >> the cause of that fire is not yet known. a tennessee teen now charged in a deadly shooting in a national guard armor re. michael braid den a husband and father was a 27 year veteran. 15-year-old christopher fera described himself on-line at satanist. he opened fire striking him in the chest. he was arrested at his home nearby. it is not clear how he knew the victim or how he got inside the armor re. he is being held without bond. >> andrew tahmooressi says the case was so miss handled it should be dismissed. after his client accidentally crossed into mexico with three legally owned guns his human rights were violated. >> right now we have a lot of evidence that the arrest was
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tainted by several serious human rights violations. the further we go into evidence into that topic the more clear it will become. >> he said those violations occurred when his client was held at the customs point of entry. he remains hopeful the judge will rule in the marine's favor. his next court date set for august 4th. >> house speaker john boehner taking the first step to sue the president for the changes he made to obamacare without congress. he waived the employer mandate in his signature healthcare law. the president laughing it off while he was in austin. >> impeach him. really? really? for what? you are going to sue me for doing my job? i mean, think about that.
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you taxpayers are going to sue me for doing my job. while you don't do your job. >> it is not about republicans or democrats it's about protecting the constitution. >> one of the largest labor unions cutting ties with the united negro college fund all over the relationship with the billionaire coke brothers. they recently accepted a $25 million donation from the charles coke foundation to pay for 3,000 scholarships for african american students. they called it a betrayal of everything the uncf stands for and will no longer run test paid internship program. >> where will lebron james be playing next year? the world is anxiously awaiting this decision. >> the free agent super star has narrowed it down to cleveland or miami. he's expected to make an announcement by the end of the week with police presence
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stepped up around his homes in ohio and miami. the decision appears to be eminent. >> it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. the environmental protection agency wants to raid your book. >> and a big announcement from country super star garth brooks. is he missing the music and coming out of retirement? first a look at your weather across the country.
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>> will come back to fox and friends first. disturbing details about a girl accused in a google herrin overdose death. two months before the exec was murdered the call girl's boyfriend died of a heroin alcohol overdose. that case is being reopened to make sure that there is quote nothing else to it. >> chicago's mayor under pressure now to take action on the increasing violence in the windy city. this following a deadly 4th of july weekend before 82 people were shot, 16 of those died.
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the latest victim a pregnant mother of five shot and killed on wednesday. mayor rahm emanuel and other leaders calling in federal help now says it's time to focus on our children instead of the children at the border. >> if we can find the money and necessarily to help secure the border $4 billion 2 billion can come to chicago the same kind of money to make where we livoniaable alive -- live, livable and secure. >> they need to invest in our children and our kids. >> the illinois governor says he is ready to send in resources but is waiting fon rahm emanuel's word. >> in a power grab the epa is saying it has authority to reduce your wages if you don't follow the agency's rules. >> can they really do that? james rosen finds out. >> when people first found out the epa might have the authority to start garnishing people's
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wages to collect outstanding debts to uncle sam it caused a fair amount of outrage. we have found this practice among federal agencies in washington is already safely common. >> as bureaucratic nightmares go they are garnishing your wages it's the most ma'familiar becau it has been happening for decades. under a proposed rule the environmental protection agency would be able to garnish wages without a court order to col ne elect unpaid fines and interest for those individuals found to violate law. the debt collection improvement act of 1996. the obama administration claims that law empowers all fed reral agencies to garnish wages providing they have the same process built into the irs model. >> one of the last resorts is wage garnishment. they are complying with that law. >> epa has a track record of mismanagement and bullying.
2:17 am
three gop senators written to epa chief gina mccarthy demanding the rule be gone. >> i don't think the irs should not if they do have the power they use it. i don't want the power extended to the epa specifically. when we see the abuse by the epa. >> unless this receives adverse comment by august 1st. we asked how many adverse comments were required a and he told us any. they have said they have already received such comments. at this point the fate of the rule is very much in the air>> the time now is brew on this. they are outraged about the kleinic in boulder. they are calling for it to be shut down. for $50 students can enroll in the three-hour course to learn
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aunl things football. there is no credit digiven. it has been taught by the college's head football coach. critics say it is a slap in the face playing into stereotypes women don't know the game. >> is it for women, foul or fair? send us an e-mail. coming up it is a call that this 911 dispatcher never thought she would have to take. >> 1-year-old infant just swallowed something and started to choke on it. >> the call to save her own son. details up next. >> who doesn't want three doe -- free doughnuts. the friday freebies that you could score today. don't change the channel.
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>> a beautiful shot of 6th avenue with central park down there at the end of the road. here's what's happening in the news. a raging wildfire in c washington state forcing residents out of the area. more than 100 thousands have been evacuated as the flames continue to grow more ferociously. over the past two-days it burned
2:23 am
28 square miles. the dry land acts like organic gasoline. >> a come post site looking more like a volcano after it spontaneously come busted. it forced road closures and threatened nearby businesses. a light rain helped firefighters overnight. >> parts of yellowstone national park are melting. part of the roadway is. a three mile loop will be closed as extreme heat causes thick oil to bubble to the surface making the road unsafe to drive. they are warning people not to look around the area because what looks like solid soil could have scalding water below it. it is a 911 dispatcher's nightmare. a call from home. >> 1-year-old infant he can choing. >> this california woman realizing the child choking on
2:24 am
the other end of the line is her son. panicking she sends life saving help. >> can you respond to my child's choking medical is in route. >> the infant couldn't breathe. this is an x-ray from the hospital. a washer lodged in his lungs. they got the washer out and the boy has made a full recovery. >> a warning if you live to ride. harley is recalling motorcycles. lorne simonetti is here to explain. >> before you hop on the harley we have another recall tell you about. 66,000 touring models from 20014 are recalled. the front wheels can lock up without warning. five crashes and two injuries related to the defect so far. krispy kreme has a new ceo and a new vision. tony thompson is making beyond doughnuts how about sandwiches? licensed products like ice cream, cake mix, even branded
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coffee. krispy kreme k cups soon coming to store shelves. they want to open more stores maybe 15 new ones in the u.s. this year. today if you stop into krispy kreme you can buy a dozen glazed doughnuts and get a second for $0.77. they turn 77. at 7-11 you can get a free slurpe from the hours of 11-7. you get a free slurpe. if you dress like a cow and head to chik-fil-a you can get a free meal because it's cow appreciation meal. let's take a look at stocks you choose this morning. across the board down 40. stocks were broadly lower yesterday on worries trouble at a major portuguese bank might spread. major averages are looking at the steepest weekly decline since april.
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>> thank you, lauren. get out your cow costume. >> please send us a picture. we want to see this. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. the problems for the irs turning deadly. a brand new investigation about why some bplies at one office ae dying the flying object isn't what you think. first a look at our concert stage. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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>> it is friday july 11th, 2014. the irs ordered to explain under oath. when we finally get answers about the tea party targeting scandal. a loaded gun and a knife on
2:30 am
board a packed plane. feel safe traveling now? >> skydiving instructor hit in the face with a shoe mid free fall. how in the world did that happen? "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> >> good morning. happy friday we have made it through the workweek. thank you so much for watching "fox & friends first" this morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> thank you for starting your day with us and ending the week. we begin with this, will a demand by the federal judge get to the bottom of the irs targeting scandal. the agency ordered to testify under oath about lewieu lois lerner's lost e-mails.
2:31 am
ma mary what does this mean? >> he is giving the agency a 30-day deadline to come forward with that information. this after they filed suit asking how they lost the e-mails and had no way to retrieve them. >> the department of justice had no interest of course. they are let's put it mildly, ignoring the issue. you see this pattern of de tepgs and concealment. it is obvious they were not cooperating. they are playing like a game unless you ask me exactly the right question we are not going to answer. >> judicial watch is looking into the lead investigator to
2:32 am
see how much time they investigated the irs. it was a conflict of interest because of the thousands she gave to the obama campaign. >> he filed a resolution demanding lerner's arrest. stock man said i expect democrats to defend even praise criminal activity is the question is whether the democratic leadership wi-- republican leadership with join in mocking the house and breaking the law. >> vethey investigated how they were lost and can any of the data be recovered. let's continue to talk about that irs scandal. do you think the judge's ruling will get the answers they were looking for? comment on #keep talking. >> they are saying they will
2:33 am
stop bringing illegal central american immigrants to san diego. protests in california had nothing to do with the decision. homeland security ry jays -- secretary jay johnson. >> this isn't a fight between republicans and democrats. the president learning first hand yesterday the kind of pressure he's facing from within his own party. listen to this. >> i am almost done. >> a flash of anger after being interrupted by pro immigration hemlers. th -- hecklers. they were supposed to focus on the economy in the speech. the pull from the left on immigration is mirrored in congress by two members of the cabinet. this problem with the border is about to get much much worse and they pleaded for more money.
2:34 am
>> we don't have enough beds and don't have sufficient resources to continue to add beds. >> the assumption in this supplemental request will be approximately 90,000 unaccompanied children cross the border in fiscal 14 and 195,000 in fiscal 15. congress is likely to send off only if there are reform. instead of waiting years for a court date. some republicans are pressing the information to p send a message here. >> they are going to arrive on the airport. we are going to shut off your foreign aid. >> on the other side you have democrats digging into the heels in congress. they oppose any efforts to
2:35 am
change the laws to speed up the deportations. >> live in washington, thank you, doug. >> 7 people include three children are now dead. the fear flames forcing residents to jump from their windows for escape. >> the mom and dad was holding her out the window to try to save her from the fire. before that i woke up to her screaming help, help. >> the cause of the fire is unknown. days before the texas man murdered six people including four children threatened to kill his own mother. ron has cal taped his mother to a chair choked her and threatened her life for speaking to his ex-wife this according to police. this coming one week before those murdered in a tense three-hour standoff. his 15-year-old niece survived the attack and called 911 so the
2:36 am
police could stop them from killing her grandparents. she remains in critical condition. haskel was looking for his ex-wife who was out of town. >> new disturbing details about a 12-year-old detroit boy found in his basement nearly two weeks after going missing. he told investigators his father forced him to work out twice a day including pushups, situps, jumping jacks and cardio on an leapt calima sheen. if he didn't finish in less than an hour he would have to do the routine again. his step mother would punch him and put him in the basement accusing him of lying about the workout. no charges have been filed against charlie's father and step mother. >> the attorney for jailed marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi was so miss handled. after he accidentally crossed into mexico with three legally owned guns his human rights were
2:37 am
violated. he was shocked when he learned of the violations during the marine's first court appearance. >> the only thing i would know is to the extent the human rights violations had come to during those 7 to 8 hours he was held at the customs point of enfree. that became ever so clear. >> he remains hopeful the judge will rule in the marine's favor. his next court date is set for august 4th. >> u.s. calling for an end to all of the violence between israel and hamas. president obama speaking on the phone to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying they are willing to a cease fire. hamas militants firing rockets at a gas station seriously injuring at least one person. the white house is condemning the violence. the president says israel has a right to self defense. >> they are taking on the ninja.
2:38 am
two people hurt on a six-flags roller-coaster ride filing a lawsuit against the amusement park. they were among four hurt monday when the magic mountain coaster ninja derailed. they failed to keep visitors safe questioning why the ride was built through out a quote wilderness. they are asking for payment on medical expenses loss of earnings and emotional distress. >> the skies above australia leaving social media on a frenzy. that bright object right there with a long tail caught on camera streaking across the sky some thinking it's a meteor others think russian space junk launched just a few days ago meaning it could be a piece of the rocket that is designed to fall away. >> looks like a shooting star. >> hopefully something designed to fall away. >> he is back. ♪ >> emotional news conference.
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he is back announcing a new album and a world tour. >> scared, yes? old, yes. see what the second half is. first of all i want to thank god and everybody that has given me the chance to actually look at a second half of a career. >> he will announce the first date on monday. >> coming up, hey, parents have your kids spent way too much on amazon with the app on your phone without you even knowing about it? good news up next. >> think that ice cream you are eating is good for you? think again. a breakdown of the so-called healthy food that really aren't healthy at all. >> i don't know that burger is on the list.
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>> an irs building is killing people. at least that's what employees at the oxen hill maryland branch are saying. several people died over the past few months while many others have gotten sick. employees worry it is something in the building.
2:43 am
already three people died. the irs says it will conduct a full environmental test of the facility. the va paying millions of dollars a shocking audit showing 13,000 jobs of the scandal plagued agency were miss classified. uncorrected for at least 14 years. from 2013 to 14 over payments amounted to $24 million. critics say that money could have been used to ease the agency shortage of doctors and injurieses. >> the 9-11 museum scrapping plans to serve alcohol and gourmet food at the sacred site. the pavilion cafe would have served hot meals and had waiter service. it opens this months and will only feature pastries and coffee. >> they are being taken to court
2:44 am
for charging parents millions of illegal billings. so the federal trade commission is suing amazon accusing the internet retail giant of letting kids make unlimited purchases in the app store and forcing parents to pay for it. the kindle fire games without a pass word or even parental consent. amazon gets a 30 percent chunk of those purchase dollars while total amount of purchases is not known. one woman told the fcc her daughter wraps up 3 r5 -- $358 without her knowledge. enamel zon -- even amazon's own employees recognize the problem it created. amazon revised policy last month to require consent from account holders. apple reached a settlement by the same issue and agreed to
2:45 am
refund. >> thank you, 16 minutes to the top of the hour. fox news's sean hannity doing the job that the president would not. he is touring the border with governor rick perry. a first-hand look at the crisis. >> talk about buzz kill. the man-made famous for being first to buy legal weed in washington fired. why his doss is bdoing an about face. >> first steve doocy is live on the plaza where the summer concert series is about to kickoff. >> good morning ladies. happy friday to you. we are going to talk a little bit about how a federal judge lost lois lerner e-mails. really? prove it. we are going to talk about the fallout. >> there was a leader who went down to the border to scope things out for their own two eyes. find out who it is. because it is a summer friday you know what's going to happen
2:46 am
on that stage. let me move the try pods. scotty mccreery is going to be here. we have a busy three hours less than 15 minutes from now right here on the channel for news. fun in summer. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da, bum-da, bum-da ♪ ♪ bum-da, bum-da ♪ the animals went in two by two ♪ ♪ the sheep and the frog and the kangaroo ♪ ♪ and they all went marching, marching in two by two ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder, with intuitive four-wheel drive. an adventure worth sharing. nissan. innovation that excites.
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the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> can't help but smile when you hear that song first thing in the morning. live shot of time's square for you from new york city.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first". a fox news exclusive for you. a dangerous breech of security at an t.s.a. agent lets two men board a flight with weapons. the weapons. they flew the 10 hour flight from arizona to london. one with a loaded hand gun and another with a flip knife. it wasn't until they tried to get on to a connecting flight that they discovered the weapons.
2:51 am
2:52 am
the claims to be skinny. you need to triple check the label. >> and the immigration crisis at a tipping point. while the president did not go to the border this week our own sean hannity did. hannity getting an exclusive special tour with the governor rick perry. he got to see first hand with the air and from the water how bad the crisis really is. >> these boats fly. what do you got? >> we got triple 300. >> you got 900 horse power. >> the plate will come up and operate in 12 inches of water. that's why this becomes a very, very usable type of a vessel. so almost anywhere in the rio grand now we can operate. we realized we weren't going to get the support from the federal
2:53 am
government so we had to do something. may request from the navy to come in. this is the with the show of force. >> what's amazing is these guys were pointing out to me different areas where literally you see a path and there are different paths that have been used. >> have been used for years and years. this problem is not new from the standpoint of people penetrating illegally across the country or across from mexico into our country. what's new is this mass of young people that are used as a distraction for our border patrol. instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing which is interdicting drugs, stopping illegal activities. >> the time now seven minutes until top of the hour. paying it forward, the heartwarming act of a
2:54 am
stranger that left shoppers smiling. >> now a new push to cancel a 20-year-old class. your comments up next. first a look at your weather across the country. ♪ ♪ vo: this is the summer. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed. find it for less and we'll match it and give you $50 toward your next trip. expedia. find yours.
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before you leave the house here's what's happening today. homeland security secretary jeh johnson heading to the u.s.-mexico border as lawmakers work toward a compromise bill to speed up deportation. >> lebron james is expected to make a decision on where he will play next year. the top two contenders cleveland and miami. >> 7-11 serving free slurps
2:58 am
today. anyone dressed like a cow for national cow day gets a free meal at chick-fil-a. >> send us a picture when you do. now it is time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. of course we begin with the good as always. paying it forward, a mystery man spending over $600 on groceries for strangers at a california super market. >> next the bad. a hotel valet in india totals a lamborghini knee and causes more than $300,000 in damage. the hotel refusing to pay so the owner of the car filing a police report. >> the ugly, there's a lot of things to worry about while skydiving but getting hit in the face with a shoe normally not one of them. that is what happened when the scrurkt -- instructor pulled the cord on this dive. >> it is time now for your brew on this responses. feminists in colorado are outraged over a class called football 101 for
2:59 am
women. >> they claim the course plays into gender stereotypes and that women don't understand the game. the course is actually a fund-raising event and it does not give credit. >> we ask you, is football 101 for women a foul or fair? thomas tweeted us saying not foul, not fair, but fun. >> i agree. derrick says i think the football 101 class is fair. they're coming along fast but many women are still trying to learn the game. >> kathy e-mailed us saying for the last three years i've become a football fanatic and would love to attend football 101. my husband would love it too. i wouldn't keep interrupting the game to ask what just happened. >> thanks to everyone who responded. we are also going to keep talking after the show about the i.r.s. the agency now has 30 days to explain lost lois lerner e-mails. will we finally get answers? we'll have a live chat on
3:00 am
our facebook page after the show. #keeping talking. >> the concert series continues. scottie mcceery is here playing during "fox & friends." >> hey everybody. good morning. today is finally friday, the 11th of july, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. talk about a tale of two leaders, as the immigration problem along texas's border gets worse, president obama and governor perry couldn't be further apart. the latest coming right up. >> what happened to not a smid john of corruption. so why did an i.r.s. employee get fired for campaigning on the president's behalf? clayton. >> thank you, steve. it's a call this 911 dispatcher never thought she would take. listen. >> you're on your own. [inaudible] >>


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